SoftSpot Entertainment is developing live and animated movies and series for children and families.


The worldwide theatrical demand for America entertainment programming, particularly family films, is strong, potentially providing a large market for SoftSpot Entertainment.  Ther numerous potential media outlets for the films including television, cable satellite and home video, create several licensing and sale opportunities for SoftSpot Entertainment.

The relatively low production budget for our films provides the opportunity for profitability at a lower level of gross revenues than for high budget motion pictures. Also, the home video/DVD. pay per view, VOD markets are exploding with family films and series ranked the most profitable. Today, the home video industry and DVD markets are experiencing explosive growth and are still expanding and represents the ultimate profit center for the film studios, accounting for more than 60% of their total revenue

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In the 1940’s there were only 11 channels on television, UHF wasn’t added until the 50’s.  According to the FCC, as of December 31, 2004, there are a total of 8,839 television stations in all broadcast formats. Out of these there are more than 20% who show animated series and there are 14 specific cartoon channels. 

This growth in the number of national television outlets has created additional demand for animated programming.  In order to keep up with this demand, more and more the channels have to rely on independent producers to create new product.  SoftSpot Entertainment will positioned itself to take advantage of this huge opportunity by providing fresh content that contains a certain authentic value to its target audience. 

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Licensing / Consumer Products

As long as you have great characters and really good scripts, there always will be a place for great properties in a world with so many screens and digital media. Audiences’ will continue to purchase media in many different ways, and there will be popular properties that rise to the top and entice people to want to buy the consumer products. This will enable audiences’ to experience our intellectual properties in a tangible, personal way. Digital media will enable audiences’ to get more personal and portable with the properties they love and become even more connected to them.

Our goal at SoftSpot Entertainment is first focus on the strongest market with national brands, rolling products out with a strategy focusing nationally first the more globally. Taking into account the local needs and preparing for global tastes fit for all available markets. The real challenge is to strike the balance between national attitudes and global positioning that also serves the local attitudes and customs of a particular market / country. It is important to create products that can appeal to everyone by altering the product, marketing, or packaging elements to appeal to your intended audience. It is important that we do research and development to make sure the packaging is right and the stories are told in the right way for a particular market / country.  We at SoftSpot Entertainment are very focused on our national business but also committed to growing our international business in the coming years.

What’s good for business is to first satisfy the kid’s.