Emerging Medias

20 years ago, who would have thought....

SoftSpot Entertainment is dedicated to creating content for the entire family audience that is healthy entertainment and available for all forms of distribution be it traditional or digital. Preparing for the future of entertainment distribution now, will ensure SoftSpot Entertainment a reputation for providing solutions for what ever the "industry standards" are to be.


OnDemand Television

Television is not the same since its inception.  All though basically the industry structure has not changed, Networks and Advertisers, it has changed dramatically in the way it is delivered and distributed in just the last 10 years

New Digital media is revolutionizing broadcast and cable networks forever. Modern television, while maintaining traditional content, will expand the growth of high-definition television, video on demand, digital cable and web & mobile delivery systems.


Mobile Delivery

20 years ago, who would have thought that you could be talking to friends and family from a hand held cell phone from almost anywhere on the planet?  As the technology has expanded, Mobile video is fast becoming a popular form of entertainment delivery in the U.S. and internationally.  It’s predicted that within the next five years Mobile delivery will be an “industry standard.”  In the consumer marketplaces today, there are few devices, like that of cell phones, which have equal market penetration and individual value to the consumer. Entertainment providers are already taking advantage of wireless delivery as is SoftSpot Entertainment.


Broadband Video

Families are growing more and more reliant on the Internet every day. Broadband video usage has grown along side the family usage and is seen by many as an opportunity for double-digit percentages of annual growth and billions of dollars in advertising support. It is forecast that within the next 10 years, a large part of entertainment consumption will move from television and film to the Internet.


SoftSpot Entertainment is in the forefront of new emerging media. With every project produced special attention will be paid towards new emerging technologies and delivery devices and applied to each.