Soft Spot Entertainment is a team of extreme creative talent gathered to produce new and exciting entertainment product. Each brings a fresh look at concept, method and application to the family and children’s entertainment market.  The merging of these creative minds is sure to produce a new line of products all the industry will want to buy.


Dr William Thomas Crow

Dr. William Thomas Crow

Also called “Doc’” by the animators, is an award winning writer who started writing for the stage at age 14.  A native of Louisiana, in college he worked for the public television station as the evening air director. His published plays, including “The Love Sick Computer” have been produced internationally.  Besides being an author and collaborator, Doc is a board certified Osteopathic Physician in Family Medicine and Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine.


Ron Neal

Ron Neal

A 35 year veteran in animation, advertising, marketing and administration founded Stone Soup in 1991. Born in Ft. Worth, Texas his career accomplishments vary widely but centered in the Commercial Art Industry.  Ron is the owner, producer and director of stone soup, an award winning animation studio, producing primarily commercials and marketing communications. Stone Soup’s credits include multiple local, regional, national and international broadcast television commercials and corporate communications.